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Montenegrin coup plot

Russian officials are sentenced for a 2016 coup attempt in Montenegro.

Two opposition politicians also convicted over alleged coup attempt in 2016

2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis

Colleague Richard Blanco of the Brave Peoples’ Alliance party seeks refuge in Argentina's embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, following Zambrano's arrest.

Two Venezuelan lawmakers sought refuge at foreign embassies in Caracas on Thursd...

2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis

SEBIN agents detain Juan Guaidó's deputy Edgar Zambrano, the Vice President of the opposition-held National Assembly, and are reported to have taken him to El Helicoide prison. He is the most high profile opposition politician arrested since the presidential crisis began in January.

Edgar Zambrano is the first opposition figure to be arrested since last week's attempted uprising.

US House of Representatives

The United States House of Representatives votes to overturn President Donald Trump’s move on the Affordable Care Act.

The House voted Thursday to overturn one of President Trump’s key ObamaCare moves, advancing a bill that Democrats have framed as protecting people with pre-existing conditions.

Operation Car Wash

Former Brazilian President Michel Temer surrenders to the federal police in response to Wednesday's arrest warrant regarding an investigation into an alleged corruption scheme involving an Eletrobras nuclear power plant. Temer's lawyer's appeal will be heard on Tuesday.

Former Brazilian President Michel Temer on Thursday surrendered himself to the c...


Argentine congressman Héctor Enrique Olivares of the UCR party is shot by two assailants and is in critical condition. One of his advisers dies as a result of the gunshots.

La Rioja UCR deputy Héctor Olivares and provincial government official Miguel Marcelo Yadón attacked near Na

European migrant crisis

The United Nations states that at least 65 people are dead after a boat sinks off the coast of Tunisia while carrying migrants from Libya to Europe.

Tunisia's navy is searching for survivors after a migrant boat capsized in the Mediterranean, killing at least 65 people.

Reserve Bank of Australia

The Reserve Bank of Australia confirms it issued approximately 46 million new Australian $50 notes in late 2018 with a typo in the background fine print: "responsibility" is misspelled as "responsibilty", the third "i" is missing. The mistake appears three times on the note and is extremely small requiring magnification to see. Part of the rollout of Australia's redesigned currency, the A$50 notes feature the first female member of an Australian parliament, social reformer Edith Cowan.

Australia's A$50 note has a blunder in the small print - and it took more than six months to spot.

International military intervention against ISIL

A blast hits Baghdad's northeastern Sadr City district. ISIL claims responsibility. No verified report on casualties is presently available.

A blast rocked Baghdad's northeastern Sadr City district on Thursday but ac...

North Korea–United States relations

For the first time the United States seizes a North Korean merchant ship loaded with coal in the East China Sea sailing toward Indonesia. The ship is suspected of violating sanctions.

The seizure will likely escalate tensions between the countries.

North Korean missile tests

The South Korean military claims that North Korean military has launched an "unidentified projectile" into the sea, marking the second time North Korea has conducted a weapons test in a single week.

North Korea fired unidentified projectiles on Thursday, according to the South Korean military, less than a week after leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the test-firing of multiple rockets and missiles.