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2019 in spaceflight

SpaceX's unmanned spacecraft Dragon 2 successfully docks with the International Space Station (ISS) for the first time.

America's new astronaut capsule successfully completes the latest task in its demonstration mission.

National Emergency Concerning the Southern Border of the United States

Senator Rand Paul is expected to vote against Donald Trump’s national emergency.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said that he will oppose President Trump's national emergency declaration to fund a wall along the southern border, as the Senate prepares to vote on a resolution to block it.

2019 Italian Democratic Party leadership election

Governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, wins the leadership election by a landslide, defeating Maurizio Martina and Roberto Giachetti, and becoming the new Secretary of the Democratic Party.

The president of Lazio, the favourite to win, captured 67% of the vote in which 1.6m party supporters cast ballots

2019 Estonian parliamentary election

Jüri Ratas, incumbent Prime Minister of Estonia, and his party gets second place in the election, while opposition leader Kaja Kallas's Estonian Reform Party gets the largest number of votes, and the right-wing Conservative People's Party doubles in seats.

Coalition-building begins after Kaja Kallas’s centre-right party wins 28.8% of vote

Interstate 70

After heavy snowfall, avalanches close Interstate 70 and three Copper Mountain passes in Summit County, Colorado.

Heavy snowfall over the weekend led to a dangerous situation for drivers on Interstate 70 on Sunday. Several avalanches sent snow crashing out onto the highway near Copper Mountain.

Tornado outbreak of March 3, 2019

At least 23 people are confirmed dead, many are injured, and 10,000 customers are without electricity after several tornadoes strike Lee County in southeast Alabama.

At least 14 people were confirmed dead, and "many, many" injured when an apparent large tornado destroyed several homes in a southeast Alabama community Sunday, according to officials.