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Frank Scott Jr.

Frank Scott Jr. is elected Mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas, defeating Baker Kurrus in the runoff. Scott will become the city's first African-American mayor.

Frank Scott, 35, defeated Baker Kurrus in the runoff election and will succeed outgoing Mayor Mark Stodola.

Brexit negotiations

The Government of the United Kingdom is found to be in contempt of parliament for the first time in history. The motion, which passed by 311 to 293 votes in the House of Commons, was triggered by Theresa May's government failing to publish its legal advice on its Brexit withdrawal plan.

Theresa May's government will publish Brexit legal advice after lawmakers found it in contempt of Parliament.

Yellow vests movement

Following large protests against French President Emmanuel Macron's planned increases on fuel taxes, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announces that these plans will be suspended for at least six months.

Cosa Nostra

The alleged boss of the Cosa Nostra mafia clan is arrested along with 45 suspected accomplices in the province of Palermo, Italy. They are accused of aggravated extortion.

The new 'godfather' of the Sicilian mafia, Settimo Mineo, was arrested on Tuesday along with 45 other suspected mobsters.


Russians vote to rename the two main airports of Moscow, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo, after poet Alexander Pushkin and scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, respectively.

The results of the all-Russian vote to rename airports all across Russia, headlined Russia’s Great Names, were announced late on Tuesday

Operation Northern Shield

Israel announces an operation to clear Hezbollah tunnels from Lebanon-Israeli border.

IDF Northern Command on high alert as army starts 'neutralizing' not-yet operational passages into Israeli territory from southern Lebanon; Metulla area declared closed zone