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Cyberwarfare in Iran

The Iranian telecommunication minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi accuses Israel of a failed cyberattack on its telecommunications infrastructure, and vows to respond with legal action.

Iran's telecommunications minister accused Israel on Monday of a new cyber ...

Me Too

Seo Ji-hyeon, a leading figure of the Me Too movement in South Korea, files a suit against former South Korean chief prosecutor Ahn Tae-keun and the government for physical and psychological distress.

TEHRAN, November 05 - A leading figure in South Korea's #MeToo movement has filed a compensation suit against her former senior colleague and the government for physical and psychological distress.

Foreign relations of the Holy See

Pope Francis, head of state of the Vatican City and leader of the Roman Catholic Church, threatens to order the abdication of Andorran co-monarch Joan Enric Vives Sicília, Archbishop-Bishop of Urgell, if the country decriminalises or legalises abortion.

Oman–United Kingdom relations

British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson announces that a joint British-Omani military training base will open in Oman next year.

Britain announced on Monday it would open a joint military training base in Oman...

Port Hedland

In Port Hedland, Australia, authorities deliberately derail a runaway train after the driver left the train for an inspection. The assemblage consisted of four locomotives and two hundred sixty-eight wagons, was operated by BHP Billiton on the Pilbara Railways, and traveled ninety-two kilometers. The train was en route from Newman to Port Hedland.

Yemeni Civil War (2015–present)

Days of heavy fighting between Houthi and Saudi-led coalition forces around the port city of Al Hudaydah, Yemen, leave at least 150 people dead.

Fighting has escalated around Yemen's key port city of Hodeida, with at least 150 combatants killed over the weekend from both the rebel and government-backed sides, officials said Sunday.

Anglophone Crisis

A kidnapping occurs at a school in Bamenda, the capital of the North-West region of Cameroon, with at least seventy-eight students and three staff taken, including the principal. The Anglophone Crisis is a conflict between separatists and the government of Cameroon.

More than 80 people - school children and teachers - are seized from a school in the city of Bamenda.