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Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination

U.S. President Donald Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday as he aimed to entrench its conservative control for years to come, but the federal appeals court judge faces a tough confirmation fight in the bitterly divided Senate.

Kentucky gubernatorial election, 2019

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear announces that he will run for Kentucky Governor in 2019.

Kentucky's attorney general, Andy Beshear, says he'll run for governor in 2019 with running mate Jacqueline Coleman

Politics of the United Kingdom

Boris Johnson resigns as the United Kingdom's Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs amid disagreements with Prime Minister Theresa May over Brexit negotiations. Johnson is the second member of May's cabinet to resign in two days.

The UK foreign secretary follows the Brexit secretary in quitting, adding to pressure on Theresa May.

2017–18 Spanish constitutional crisis

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Quim Torra, meet officially in Moncloa. It is the first time since the beginning of the crisis that a Spanish Prime Minister and a Catalan President meet.

Aides to Pedro Sánchez and Quim Torra admit that the path to forging a long-lasting collaboration is fraught with difficulties

2017–18 Iranian protests

Iranian women post videos of themselves dancing to protest the arrest of Instagram blogger Maedeh Hojabri.

Maedeh Hojabri was detained for posting videos of her dancing on Instagram

Weinstein effect

Eugene Gu, a doctor famous for successfully suing President Donald Trump for blocking him on Twitter, has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who says she’s his ex.

Inn Din massacre § Arrest of Reuters journalists

A court in Myanmar charges two Reuters journalists with obtaining secret state documents in violation of the colonial-era "Official Secrets Act", taking the landmark press freedom case to trial after a period of preliminary hearings that lasted six months. The two journalists were investigating mass graves in the village of Inn Din in northern Rakhine State prior to their arrest and imprisonment on 12 December 2017.

A court in Myanmar on Monday charged two jailed Reuters journalists with obtaining secret state documents, moving the landmark press freedom case into its trial stage after six months of preliminary hearings.

United States Department of the Treasury

The U.S. Treasury Department announces sanctions for a Malaysia-based sales agent for Mahan Air in connection with Iran's alleged support for international terrorism.

The U.S. Treasury Department said on Monday it had sanctioned a Malaysia-based sales agent for Mahan Air, an Iranian airline already under U.S. sanctions in connection with Iran's alleged support for international terrorism.

Peace accord in July 2018

Leaders from Eritrea and Ethiopia officially declare an end to their countries' 20-year border conflict.

The long-term enemies have signed a "joint delcaration of peace and friendship." The rapprochement takes place 20 years after the two neighbors started a border war that killed tens of thousands of people.

2018 lower Puna eruption

The number of homes destroyed by lava from the latest eruption reaches 700.

About 50 students are poisoned by inhaling a toxic gas, due to an explosion near their school of the locality of Chosica, in Lima, Peru. Spokespeople from local municipality say that this poisoning is due to the leakage of gas from a chlorine cylinder, although the place where the explosion began and the origin of the product has yet to be determined.

Tham Luang cave rescue

Divers in Thailand rescue four more boys from the cave Tham Luang Nang Non bringing the total to eight rescued.

Four more boys have been rescued from a cave in Thailand on Monday.


The death toll from heavy rains in Japan rises to 126, with over 86 people still reported missing.

The death toll from torrential rains in western Japan passes the 100 mark and many people are still missing.