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Ozone depletion

NASA research, published in "Geophysical Research Letters", implies that the ozone layer is starting to recover due to man's actions. The decline in ozone-depleting chemicals, specifically chlorine from chlorofluorocarbon (an effect from the 1980's CFC ban, say the scientists), has resulted in 20 percent less depletion since 2005.

Politics of the United States

National Security Agency director Admiral Mike Rogers plans to retire this spring. President Donald Trump is expected to nominate a successor later this month.

It's expected that Donald Trump will nominate Rogers' successor this month.

Russia's interference in the 2016 United States election

Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary refer the British spy Christopher Steele to the U.S. Department of Justice for a potential criminal investigation.

Foreign relations of Iran

During a session of the United Nations Security Council, the United States repeat its "unapologetic" support for the ongoing Iranian protests. Russia denounces the "veiled [U.S.] attempt to use the current moment to continue to undermine" the JCPOA. France calls to "be wary of any attempt to exploit this crisis for personal ends".

The United Nations Security Council discussed the recent protests in Iran over economic conditions there.

Belgium–Netherlands relations

Belgium and the Netherlands, by swapping 48 acres of land, agree that one section of their border is now the center of the Meuse River. This is expected to fix a police jurisdiction problem.

Belgium and the Netherlands peacefully altered their national borders by swapping 48 acres of land along a river dividing the two countries.

Palestine–United States relations

An anonymous U.S. State Department official says no decision has been made on the scheduled January 1, 2018, $125-million payment to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), which administers aid for Palestinian refugees. Media reports had stated the money was frozen. The official added the government is still reviewing U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority and has until January 15 to resolve the issue.

The United States has frozen $125 million in funding for a U.N. agency that provides aid to Palestinian refugees, Axios news site reported on Friday, but a State Department official said no decision had been made on the payment.

Accession of Turkey to the European Union

French President Emmanuel Macron suggests that Turkey could have a "partnership" with the EU instead of full membership.

At a press conference with Turkish President in Paris, Emmanuel Macron said Friday that political developments in Turkey were blocking the country's EU accession bid, suggesting a "partnership" instead...

Accession of Turkey to the European Union

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan says he is "tired" of waiting for the European Union to approve Turkey's membership in the political union.

2018 Luxor hot air balloon crash

A hot air balloon crashes due to strong winds in Egypt's Luxor Governorate. A tourist from Australia is killed and 12 other tourists are injured. The Egypt Aviation Authority says there were 20 passengers on the balloon.

Weinstein effect

Four women accuse film and television producer, director, and writer Paul Haggis ("Crash" and "Million Dollar Baby") of sexual misconduct including two rapes.

A civil lawsuit was previously filed against the Oscar-winning filmmaker, prompting three more women to come forward.

Donald Trump on social media

Twitter, in response to criticism over its handling of U.S. President Donald Trump's account, says it will not block world leaders or remove their controversial tweets.

Twitter Inc on Friday reiterated its stance that accounts belonging to world leaders have special status on the social media network, pushing back against users who have called on the company to banish U.S. President Donald Trump.

Northern Rakhine State clashes

ARSA insurgents, using small arms and homemade land mines, ambush a Burmese military convoy in the village of Turaing. Three members of Myanmar's security forces are reportedly wounded.

The Rohingya group says it targeted the Burmese military in an attack on Friday.