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The 1.6-hectare populated hamlet of Alwine in Uebigau-Wahrenbruck district, Germany, is sold for 140,000 EUR at a public auction.

Its empty homes and ageing residents mirror the wider fate of east German hinterlands.

Trump administration

"The New York Times" reports that Donald Trump spends at least four hours a day watching the news on television. He watches CNN, Fox News and MSNBC.

President Trump spends at least four hours a day watching television, according to a new report.


Archaeologists in Egypt display items, including figurines, masks and a mummy, from one of two previously unexplored tombs, Kampp 150 and Kampp 161, in the ancient Nile city of Luxor.

A mummy dating back about 3,500 years is among items discovered in the two tombs.

Iraq-United States relations

Iraq announces that its war against Islamic State (IS) is over. The United States Department of State welcomes the end of the "vile occupation" and says that the fight continues.

PM Haider al-Abadi says Iraqi troops are now in complete control of the country.

Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Hundreds of people protest on the West Bank and in Gaza for the third day in a row.

Palestinians angry at Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital again protest.