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2014 Moscow school shooting

2014 Moscow school shooting. Two people are shot and killed and 29 students are taken hostage at a high school in Moscow, Russia. The suspected shooter, a 15-year-old student at the school, surrenders to authorities. It is one of the first school shootings to occur in Russia.

A teenager described as a model student shot a teacher and a police officer dead and took more than 20 of his schoolmates hostage in a Moscow classroom on Monday, days before Russia hosts the Winter Olympics under tight security.

Northeastern United States

A winter storm hits the Northeastern United States, resulting in at least two deaths and thousands of flights being disrupted. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are amongst the worst affected.

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Gulf of Carpentaria

Cyclone Fletcher becomes the third cyclone to form in a week as it crosses the Gulf of Carpentaria into Queensland.

Fox Broadcasting Company

Fox Broadcasting Company says Super Bowl XLVIII was watched by over 111 million people in the United States, making it the most viewed television event in U.S. history.