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Russia starts a search for a missing military satellite launched into the wrong orbit.

Russia`s top military and space official launched a search Tuesday for a missing military satellite that apparently was put into the wrong orbit shortly after its launch. The Russian defence ministry confirmed that it had lost sight of the craft -- a dual-use vessel that can draw a ...


In the wake of several recent deadly plane crashes in Iran, the Parliament of Iran passes a vote of no confidence in the country's Minister of Roads and Transportation Hamid Behbahani and impeaches him.

Recently claimed back

25 February is later announced as the date of the election.

Polling in the General Election is to take place on Friday 25 February. The announcement was made following the dissolution of the Dáil this afternoon.

Brian Cowen

Brian Cowen resigns by requesting the dissolution of the 30th Dáil, allowing a general election to take place, the first such election of the eurozone debt crisis.

Ireland will vote on February 25 in the first general election in Europe dominated by the euro zone debt crisis and by demands to renegotiate an unpopular EU/IMF bailout.

Karmapa Lama

The Karmapa Lama, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Tibetan Buddhism's third-highest lama, is questioned by police after large amounts of foreign money are found at his monastery in Dharamsala, northern India. Some Indian media allege he is acting as a spy for China.

Bradley Manning

U.S. soldier Bradley Manning, the alleged whistleblower who is thought to have revealed secret U.S. government documents to the international public, is reported to be held in solitary confinement awaiting trial by the United States for seven months now, treatment which the United Nations deems a form of torture when used for such prolonged periods.

US soldier accused of giving a dossier of secret documents to WikiLeaks is held in solitary confinement awaiting trial.


Palestine is recognised within its 1967 borders by Suriname.

North Korea

North and South Korea agree to hold working-level military talks on 8 February, their first since the attack on Yeonpyeong Island in November last year.


The United States urges Iran to halt executions after the hanging of a Dutch-Iranian woman, Zahra Bahrami, accused of being drug smuggler; the U.S. State Department expresses concern that Iran "continues to deny its citizens their human rights" and that cases, trials, and sentences continue to proceed "without transparency and the due process rights enshrined in Iran's own constitution."

Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Shanghai Cooperation Organization to mark 10th anniversary in Astana, Kazakhstan.


Indonesian police arrest three people in connection with a fire on a ferry last week that killed 27 people.


The Shinmoedake volcano on the Japanese island of Kyūshū erupts again with its biggest explosion since becoming active again.

US blizzard

The Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker declares a state of emergency in southern Wisconsin as a result of the blizzard.

US blizzard

Chicago's Midway International Airport closes due to the snow with 1,300 flights cancelled at O'Hare Airport.

US blizzard

The storm is expected to affect as much as a third of the U.S. population, and has already created dangerous travel conditions and forced the cancellation of thousands of flights and the closure of major interstate highways.

A colossal winter storm stretching from New Mexico to Maine hit the agricultural heartland of the United States with snow and freezing rain on Tuesday, and experts said the worst was still to come as it moved northeast.

US blizzard

The United States National Weather Service issues a blizzard warning for nine states in the Midwestern United States with a storm affecting a total of 30 states from Texas to Maine.

A “life-threatening” storm grounded one-fifth of all scheduled flights in the U.S. today as blizzard warnings were posted for nine states, Chicago faced a record-setting snowfall and ice and snow pelted the Northeast.

Cyclone Yasi

Cyclone Yasi is upgraded to Category 5 and is predicted to be the worst storm to hit Australia in generations.


The Australian state of Queensland evacuates off-shore islands and low-lying parts of North Queensland ahead of Cyclone Yasi which is expected to hit the state as a Category 4 tropical cyclone late on Wednesday or early Thursday.


A court in London bars the oil company BP from entering into a planned joint venture and share swap with Rosneft, a state-controlled Russian company.


The owner of China's fourth-most visited website, Inc, posted a better-than-estimated 41 percent gain in profit after the company raised prices and boosted services such as video sharing.


A Buddhist family of four is shot killed by suspected Muslim separatists seeking autonomy from predominantly Buddhist Thailand in the latest attack in an escalation of violence in the southern Thailand.

King Abdullah II

Abdullah of Jordan sacks the Jordanian government amid protests over prices in the country.

Monarch asks ex-army general to form new government in the wake of streets protests over prices and reforms.


Al Jazeera reports that its signal is being jammed in parts of the Middle East, days after Egypt shut the news network's operations there.


Google and Twitter team up to build a voice-to-tweet system to allow Egyptians to tweet despite the closure of Internet and mobile phone systems.


Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan completely backs the people of Egypt in their battle against the Mubarak regime. Newspapers had previously criticised him for his lack of a response to the revolution there.


President of the United States Barack Obama urges Hosni Mubarak not to run for the presidency again, though stops short of telling him to resign immediately. He also called for the transition to democracy "to begin now".

US President Barack Obama says an orderly transition of power "must begin now" in Egypt and lead to free and fair elections, after days of unrest.


Protesters vow to stay in Tahrir Square until Mubarak goes.

Egyptians call on Israel to oppose Mubarak, say if support continues for leader, "we will start to hate Israel more and more."


Mubarak addresses the nation to tell the people of his refusal to leave Egypt, though promises to resign at the end of his term. He tells the people of Egypt that he is "proud of his achievements over the years in serving Egypt and its people".

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said on Tuesday he would not leave Egypt although he would step down from the presidency at the end of his term, due to end when the country holds a presidential election in September. "The Hosni Mubarak who speaks to you today is proud of his achievements over the years in serving Egypt and its people," he said in ...


The government closes down Egyptian National Railways as well as Internet and mobile phone services.


At least two million people gather in Tahrir Square in the biggest demonstration since the popular revolution against the Mubarak regime began.

More than a million rally in Cairo as massive countrywide protests are held against President Mubarak.


Protesters plan a "million-man march" on President Hosni Mubarak's presidential palace in Cairo starting at Tahrir Square.