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Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast presidential election will go to a second round with President Laurent Gbagbo facing opposition leader Alassane Ouattara.

Ivory Coast's presidential election will go into a second round with incumbent Laurent Gbagbo facing Alassane Ouattara, officials say.


Opposition parties in Burma accuse the military junta of "cheating" and "threatening" voters ahead of the general election on Sunday.


Following a recount, Republican Eddie Calvo is certified as the winner of the 2010 gubernatorial election in Guam by 487 votes over Democrat Carl Gutierrez.

Guam - The Guam Election Commission voted unanimous to certify the Gubernatorial results Saturday evening after an all day re-count that saw problems with the tabulation machines and stray ballots. ...


Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete is sworn in for a second and final term.

Nuclear program

Tens of thousands of people participate in an anti-nuclear demonstration against a waste shipment on its way from France to Germany.

Tens of thousands of protesters took part in one of the largest anti-nuclear rallies in years on Saturday as the first shipment of waste in two years was slowed by activists on its way from France back to Germany.


Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar says "the Jews will soon be expelled from Palestine" in the same way that they were "kicked out" by European countries "because they betrayed, stole and corrupted these countries."

Hamas leader says Jews were kicked out by France, Britain, Russia and Germany “because they betrayed, stole and corrupted these countries."


Armed attackers attempt to carjack Formula One World Champion Jensen Button in SGBPo Paulo as he was returning from practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.

F1 champion Jenson Button praises the actions of his police driver after armed men attempt to threaten him while driving in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


A judge in Yemen orders the capture of militant Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki to face charges of "forming an armed gang".

Northern Ireland

Three Northern Ireland police officers are injured after a bomb is thrown at them while investigating a robbery in West Belfast.

Police say a bomb attack on officers in West Belfast could have ended in "mass murder".


Prominent Russian journalist Oleg Kashin for the "Kommersant" newspaper is attacked outside his home in Moscow.

* Oleg Kashin worked for leading Russian daily Kommersant * Covered opposition protests, national politics * Medvedev personally orders in

Petit family home invasion

The jury in the Petit family home invasion murder trial continues to deliberate whether murderer Steven Hayes should receive the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI begins a visit to Spain at Santiago de Compostela.

Pope Benedict XVI begins a visit to Spain, where the traditionally powerful Catholic Church feels under pressure from secular values.

Finance Minister

Finance Ministers from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meet in Tokyo, Japan.

U.S. President

US President Barack Obama arrives in India on the first leg of an Asian tour aimed at boosting United States exports.

US President Barack Obama - visiting Mumbai - praises Indian's economic progress and announces $10bn (£6.2bn) in new trade deals.

Tropical Storm Tomas

Tropical Storm Tomas heads for the Turks and Caicos Islands after killing seven people in Haiti.

Hurricane Tomas was aiming for the British territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands on Saturday after killing seven people in Haiti and turning refugee camps into rivers of mud.

Mount Merapi volcanic eruption

Lava and ash spew from Mount Merapi in Central Java province in Indonesia before dawn as the death toll rises to 120.


At least 19 people are killed in a fire at a shopping mall in northeast China's Jilin City.

A fire in a shopping centre in northern China kills at least 19 people and leaves 27 more injured, state media reports.

Haiti cholera outbreak

The death toll from the Haiti cholera outbreak rises to 500.

Christ the King

Christ the King, the world's biggest statue of Jesus, is completed in Swiebodzin, Poland


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei claims that he has been placed under house arrest to stop him organising a demolition party to observe the destruction of his studio.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei says he has been placed under house arrest to prevent him holding a party to mark the destruction of his Shanghai studio.

Ancient Roman

The House of the Gladiators in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii collapses, prompting criticism of the Italian government's "neglect" of the site.


Armenia and Azerbaijan exchange the bodies of deceased soldiers and a civilian under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Somali pirates

Somali pirates receive a record GBP7.6m in ransoms for seized South Korean and Singaporean ships.

Somali pirates are reported to have received a total of about $12.3m (£7.6m) in ransom money to release two ships.

Car bombings

Car bombs injure at least 37 people in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Kirkuk.

Launch two rockets at Israel

In response to militants firing rockets into southern Israel, the Israel Air Force launches two raids on the southern Gaza Strip; one Palestinian is wounded.

Relative calm in south disturbed as Palestinian terrorists launch rocket from north Gaza


27 people are killed in various arson incidents in Karachi, capital of Pakistan's Sindh province.

United Nations

The United Nations says that more than 650 women and children have been detained, tortured and sexually abused during mass evictions from Angola to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Unicef says 650 women and girls locked up, tortured and sexually abused by security forces during mass expulsions.