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Seven people are killed after steel box girders used for building an overpass overturn in Nanjing, China.

Saeedabad, Karachi

Christians flee from their homes in Saeedabad, Karachi, following violence sparked by a Muslim-Christian marriage.

North Korea

North Korea accuses South Korea of using "human shields" during the incident.

United Nations

A senior United Nations official, Vijay Nambiar, meets with Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi in Yangon.

Myanmar pro-democracy leader holds talks with UN special representative after her recent release from house arrest.


Somali-born teenager Mohamed Osman Mohamud is arrested in Portland, Oregon, for allegedly plotting a bombing attack on a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

A Somali-born US teenager is arrested in the state of Oregon after allegedly plotting to bomb a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Ivory Coast

At least three people die in protests in the Ivory Coast over a curfew imposed ahead of the second round of the Ivorian presidential election.

At least three people have been killed in violence in Ivory Coast, hours before a presidential run-off election, officials say.


Hundreds of Pakistani Muslims demonstrate in Lahore against a potential pardon for a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy against Islam.

PAKISTANI Muslims have threatened anarchy if the Government pardons a Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy, calling hundreds of protesters onto the streets.

Cte d'Ivoire

Cte d'Ivoire President Laurent Gbagbo declares a curfew, amid clashes that killed three people ahead of the second round of the presidential election on Sunday.


Two Japanese ministers are censured by the House of Councillors over a territorial dispute with China.


Voters in the Australian state of Victoria go to the polls for the state election.

Like a stallion known for its strong final sprint, the Coalition has trailed Labor in all credible opinion polls for months - until now.

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband launches a two-year review of British Labour Party policy, saying that the Party must move beyond New Labour and calling on activists to make it the "People's Party" again.


Tens of thousands of people march through Dublin in protest at the Irish government's austerity measures.


Icelanders vote for the creators of a new constitution.