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Parcel bombs explode at the Mexican, Russian and Swiss embassies in Greece. Similar packages were sent or addressed to the embassies of Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Germany and the Netherlands over the past two days.

Bombs explode at the Swiss and Russian embassies in Athens and several other suspicious packages are destroyed, police say.


Two militants are killed by security forces in the Shopian district of south Kashmir.

Srinagar: Two militants were killed in an encounter with security forces in Shopian district of south Kashmir in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, a...

At least 17 co-ordinated explosions

A series of bomb blasts in Baghdad, Iraq, kill at least 63 and injure 180.

Fudan University

Fudan University releases the results of a survey that shows that 72.6% of Shanghai residents visited Shanghai Expo, an average of 2.31 times per resident.


BP raises the estimated cost of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to $40 billion.

BP offered investors tentative signs of recovery on Tuesday, with a modest rise in underlying profits, as it increased its estimate of the likely cost of its Gulf of Mexico oil spill to $40 billion.


California voters reject a proposition that would have suspended indefinitely the operation of that state's cap-and-trade bill, Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, known as "AB 32".

Tropical Storm Tomas

At least 14 people are killed as Tropical Storm Tomas passes over Saint Lucia.

At least 14 people are now known to have died on the Caribbean island of St Lucia after a hurricane triggered landslides, officials say.

Flash floods in Thailand

Thousands of people are stranded amid flash floods in Thailand.


17 people are killed and three others injured when a truck carrying them overturned at Tarapur talukav near Indranaj in India. The truck was on its way from Surat to Bhavnagar.

Mounts Merapi

Continuing eruptions of Mount Merapi in Java, Indonesia, lead to cancellation of flights to the nearby city of Yogyakarta.

Venezuelan President

President of Venezuela Hugo Chvez welcomes President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos to Caracas.


A senior military intelligence officer is arrested in Taiwan for being a double agent for China.


Japan temporarily recalls its ambassador to Russia amid a dispute over a visit by President Dmitry Medvedev to the Kuril Islands.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is said to be planning to visit more of the disputed Kuril Islands, despite growing anger from Japan.

Prime Minister

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy meet in London and sign a treaty allowing joint development and testing of nuclear warheads, and outline plans for a joint army expeditionary force.


A court in Zambia grants bail to two Chinese managers accused of attempted murder for shooting and injuring 11 coal miners during a protest over pay and working conditions.


Yemen charges militant Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki with incitement to kill foreigners.

Civic United Front

Salum Khalfani Bar'wani of the opposition Civic United Front party is elected as a Member of Parliament, the first albino to serve elective office in Tanzania.

An albino is elected as an MP for the first time in Tanzania, telling the BBC it is a "victory for all albinos", who face widespread persecution in the East African nation.


Kosovo's government is brought down.

The Kosovan government has been brought down by a vote of no-confidence less than three years after Kosovo declared itself independent.

Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is subjected to calls for his resignation by opposition politicians amid reports of his involvement with a 17-year-old girl. He responds by saying "It's better to like beautiful girls than be gay", causing further anger and leading to demonstrations by gay groups.

AS IF he did not have quite enough on his plate at the moment, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi yesterday appeared to…


Irish TD and former government minister Jim McDaid resigns suddenly from Dil ireann after disagreeing with his colleagues, once again reducing the fragile majority of the country's government and provoking new calls for a general election ahead of a hard-hitting budget; four seats are now vacant following the latest resignation.

All India Congress Committee

All India Congress Committee meeting begins at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.

U.S. Midterms

Voters in the United States go to the polls for elections for the House of Representatives, 37 Senate seats, 39 state and territorial governors and various local seats and issues.

Tuesday’s GOP victory is the party’s largest win congressional elections since President Grover Cleveland’s second term more than a century ago.

United Kingdom House of Commons

Members of the United Kingdom House of Commons vote to hold a referendum on May 5 to replace the first-past-the-post system with the alternative vote.

The House of Commons votes to hold a referendum on reforming the Westminster voting system on 5 May next year.


NASA delays the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-133, its final mission, due to a circuitry glitch.