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The Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) of Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou does well in a second round of municipal elections including its candidates elected as mayors of Athens and Thessaloniki.

Greece's governing Socialist party wins control of the capital Athens, in the second round of local elections dominated by the country's debt crisis.

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams, the President of Sinn Féin, announces that he will resign his positions in the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Parliament of the United Kingdom to stand for the Dáil.


Thousands of cheering supporters greet Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi outside the headquarters of the National League for Democracy in Yangon.

Prime Minister

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announces he will seek a confidence vote once the 2011 budget is approved.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, fighting for the survival of his government, said on Saturday he would seek a confidence vote in parliament after the 2011 budget has been approved.

French cabinet

The French cabinet led by Prime Minister François Fillon resigns, paving the way for a reshuffle by President Nicolas Sarkozy. Fillon remains as Prime Minister with Michèle Alliot-Marie becoming the Minister for Foreign Affairs replacing Bernard Kouchner.

Following the resignation of the government over the weekend, a required step before a cabinet reshuffle, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reappointed the popular Francois Fillon (pictured) as Prime Mi...


A nationwide strike takes place in Bangladesh after former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia was evicted from her home.


Cuba frees political prisoner Arnaldo Ramos Lauzerique, one of 13 prisoners who had refused to go into exile in exchange for their freedom.

Cuba frees one of 13 dissidents who have been refusing a government deal to go into exile in exchange for their freedom.


Hundreds of people protest in Moscow, Russia, to demand action over an attack on journalist Oleg Kashin.

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders agree to work towards forming a Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific.

Organization of American States

The Organization of American States urges Nicaragua and Costa Rica to withdraw their security forces from an island in the San Juan river. Google is blamed for the dispute and revises its maps.

The Organisation of American States urges Nicaragua and Costa Rica to withdraw their security forces from a disputed border region.

United States

The United States offers Israel 20 F-35s and opposition to anti-Israel resolutions in the UN if Israel agrees to a partial 90-day freeze in building in the West Bank, excluding east Jerusalem.

Israel's cabinet considers a package of incentives the US has proposed in exchange for a partial freeze on settlement construction.

Cabinet of Israel

The Israeli cabinet approves a plan to allow 8,000 Ethiopians of Jewish descent into the country.

Israel's cabinet approves a scheme to allow into the country nearly 8,000 Falash Mura, Ethiopians of Jewish descent.


Thousands of people protest in Spain against a raid by Moroccan authorities in a camp in the disputed Western Sahara.


The head of the joint UN-African Union mission in Darfur expresses concern that military tensions between north and south Sudan over the Southern Sudanese independence referendum could spill over into the separate Darfur conflict, undermining troubled peace efforts there.


Authorities in Lebanon arrest Islamist preacher Omar Bakri Muhammed, days after a court sentenced him and 21 others to life imprisonment for carrying out "terrorist acts".

A radical Muslim cleric who once cheered the Sept. 11 terror attacks on the United States has been arrested in Lebanon, security officials confirm.


Flooding in southeastern Belgium kills three people and leaves one person missing near the capital Brussels.

Heavy rains battered Belgium at the weekend, causing flooding and mudslides that left at least three people dead as scores of others had to be evacuated, sometimes by boat, reports...

Mount Merapi

The death toll from the Mount Merapi eruptions reaches 250.


Seven people are killed in a fire burning migrant workers' residence in Dijon, eastern France.


The Irish government pledges €500,000 and an emergency shipment of humanitarian supplies to Haiti in the battle against its cholera epidemic.

The Government today pledged €500,000 and an emergency shipment of humanitarian supplies to hurricane-hit Haiti.

Worst epidemic of cholera

The death toll rises to 917.

The death toll in Haiti's cholera outbreak rises to 917, says the health ministry, as efforts continue to contain the disease.

The UK is to become one of the first countries to officially monitor happiness in a government scheme designed to measure psychological and environmental wellbeing.


Yines, a previously unknown indigenous tribe, is discovered in the Amazonian jungle of southeast Peru.


Former British soldier turned singer-songwriter James Blunt claims that he stopped what he believed would be World War III by disobeying a direct order for his troops to attack Russian soldiers given by American General Wesley Clark while he was in Kosovo with NATO in 1999.

Kosovo, June 1999. Serbia has withdrawn from the campaign. Hundreds of thousands of refugees wait over the border to return to their homes. A column of 30,000 Nato troops is advancing towards Pristina airfield – a crucial strategic position.


Abdul Khaliq Farahi, the Afghan consul general in Pakistan, is released by gunmen after two years in captivity.


Somali pirates free British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler after a year in captivity.

Paul and Rachel Chandler fly to Kenya after huge ransom is reportedly paid to end their year-long ordeal.


A northern Sudanese plane bombs Southern Sudan, injuring several people, and the UN sends an assessment team to the area.

Helmand province

Eleven people are killed in Helmand province, Uruzgan province, Kandahar province, and Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.


Russian security forces kill three rebels in Buinaksk in the Caucasus region of Dagestan.

Behsod district

One person dies when a bomb in a pushcart explodes in Behsod district of Nangarhar province, east of Kabul, Afghanistan.