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Caquetá Titi

Scientists find evidence that 250 rare Caquetá Titi monkeys survive in Colombia.

But Researchers Say Habitat Destruction Threatens Survival of Caqueta Titi Monkey


India's health ministry completely rejects as "unscientific" and a "conspiracy" claims by researchers that medical tourists are spreading a new "superbug" that is alleged to have originated in the country. India states that its hospitals are safe.

Official say Lancet report linking country to antibiotic-resistant bug is irrational.


Peru's health ministry is deployed into the Amazon to battle the vampire bats blamed for the deaths of four children from rabies.

Peru sends medical teams to the Amazon to tackle a rabies outbreak after vampire bats bite 500 people and four children die.


Burma announces plans to hold its first election in 20 years on November 7.

Burma's first general election for two decades will be held on 7 November, the ruling generals announce, ending months of speculation.

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Prime Minister Jim Marurai sets the date for the upcoming 2010 general election for November 17th.

Erastus Akingbola

Erastus Akingbola, former head of the Intercontinental Bank of Nigeria, is charged with 22 counts of involvement in the bank's near collapse at a court in Lagos; he denies all counts.

The former head of Nigeria's Intercontinental Bank is formally charged with financial crimes relating to bank's near collapse.

Omar Khadr

The lawyer of Omar Khadr, the former child soldier who is the youngest Guantánamo Bay inmate, faints in court and is rushed to hospital. The trial subsequently gets suspended.

The first trial at Guantanamo Bay under US President Barack Obama is suspended after the defence lawyer faints in court.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka convicts ex-army chief Sarath Fonseka on charges of engaging in politics while on active service.

Military court finds Sarath Fonseka guilty of meddling in politics while in uniform.


A Malaysian court sentences two men to five years imprisonment after firebombing a church in a row over the use of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims.

Elias Abuelazam

Elias Abuelazam, an Arab Israeli arrested in the United States in connection with almost 20 stabbings across three U.S. states, agrees to face charges relating to one of the attacks.

A man arrested in connection with a series of nearly 20 stabbings agrees to return to Michigan to face charges in one of the attacks.

South Africa

Four bodies are discovered in an abandoned South African gold mine owned by relatives of Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma following a shooting.


Rosatom, Russia's nuclear energy corporation announces that it will start loading fuel for the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Iran's first nuclear power plant from August 21.

Iran is set to acquire its first civilian nuclear power plant following Russia’s announcement on Friday that atomic fuel will be loaded in the facility from August 21. Sergei Novikov, the spokesman fo


Lebanon cancels an Iranian made television series about Jesus after complaints from Christian leaders and the public.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's human rights commission asks South Africa to return "blood diamonds" allegedly given to Naomi Campbell.

Officials in Sierra Leone ask for the return of diamonds allegedly given by Charles Taylor to supermodel Naomi Campbell.

U.S. President

President of the United States Barack Obama signs a bill increasing security along his country's border with Mexico.

President Barack Obama signs into law a bill to increase security along the US-Mexico border, a day after it was passed by the Senate.

Tamil migrant

Sun Sea, a cargo ship carrying around 490 Tamil migrants, refugees and suspected human smugglers and Tamil Tigers as well as reports of tuberculosis outbreaks is scheduled to arrive in Esquimalt, British Columbia. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Navy are escorting and boarding the ship, and the ship's captain is suspected by the Sri Lankan Government of being a gun runner.


France condemns the actions of a senior soldier after a YouTube video of him threatening a Togolese journalist in Lomé is released.

French officials lambast a senior army officer who was filmed on YouTube ordering a Togolese journalist to delete images of a protest.


Germany allows suspected Israeli spy Uri Brodsky, connected of the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, to go free after his recent extradition from Poland.

Court grants bail to man suspected of links to killing of Hamas leader in Dubai.


A strong earthquake strikes near Guam.

A strong quake strikes at sea south-west of the US Pacific territory of Guam but there are no reports of casualties.


A building collapse in Abuja, Nigeria sees further rescue efforts; at least 14 people are known to have died.

Rescue efforts are continuing in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, after a condemned building collapsed, killing at least 14 people.

Fornelos de Montes

2 firefighters are killed fighting wildfires in Fornelos de Montes, Pontevedra, in Galicia, Spain.

Forest fires have now reached northern Spain, killing two firefighters.

The recent wildfires

A forest fire grows in size near Russia's main nuclear research centre in Sarov.

2010 China floods

Fresh landslides and heavy rain in northwestern China leave at least 29 people dead and a further 10,500 trapped.

Torrential rain brings landslides to more areas in China, as relief teams in devastated Zhouqu county battle against the bad weather.


President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari officially cancels Independence Day as a direct consequence of the ongoing floods that have devastated the country.

Pakistan's president says there will be no official celebrations on Independence Day on Saturday amid the country's floods disaster.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority announces it is to tighten some rules on mortgage lending, signalling that it is concerned about the dangers of a real estate bubble in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority will tighten some types of mortgage lending to guard against credit risks.

TAM Airlines

TAM Airlines of Brazil and LAN Airlines of Chile announce plans for a merger that would make the biggest carrier in the region.

Two major South American airlines, Brazil's TAM Linhas Aereas and Chile's LAN, plan a merger that will create the biggest carrier in the region.


The eurozone economy grows by 1% in the second quarter of 2010, with the German economy growing by 2.2%, its fastest quarterly growth in more than 20 years.

Germany's economy grew at its fastest rate for more than 20 years from April to June, outpacing eurozone neighbours and the UK.

Australian Special Air Service Regiment

An Australian Special Air Service Regiment soldier Jason Brown, is killed in fighting the Taliban in northern Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is back in the spotlight with the death of another Australian soldier.

Indian-administered Kashmir

Police shoot dead at least four civilians, including two teenagers, demonstrating against the government in Indian-administered Kashmir; protesters say they were unarmed.

At least four protesters are killed in violence between police and anti-government demonstrators in Indian-administered Kashmir.