the Context

Giant jellyfish

Giant jellyfish wreak havoc around the Sea of Japan.

British Embassy

The last British Embassy worker being held in Iran after the disputed re-election of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the ensuing street protests is released.


A preserved barracks in the Netherlands that was used by Nazi Germany to process Jews and others on their way to concentration camps, known to have been occupied at one point by Anne Frank, is destroyed by fire.

Killed through electrocution, drowning and collapsing roofs

26 people are killed through electrocution, drowning and collapsing roofs in Karachi, Pakistan.

Torrential monsoon rain in the Pakistani city of Karachi has killed 26 people and cut power to most of the city.


Ten policemen are arrested in Michoacán, Mexico, in connection with the murder of 12 federal police whose bodies were found piled next to a road.