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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking holds a party for future time travelers at the University of Cambridge.

Child pornography

An internet child pornography ring, involving at least 2,000 IP addresses in 78 countries, is uncovered in Switzerland.


Russia announces that they will shut down every legal casino in the state by Wednesday, July 1.

Russia is closing every legal casino this week, throwing hundreds of thousands of people out of work.


Voters in Argentina go to the polls for the legislative elections.


Iranian authorities arrest eight employees at the British embassy in Tehran.


Voters in Albania go to the polls in a parliamentary election.

Albanians were voting in legislative elections seen as crucial for the European future of the country, with polls showing the two main rivals neck and neck.

Presidential election

A presidential election takes place in Guinea-Bissau following the death of former President João Bernardo Vieira.


President Manuel Zelaya is removed from office by the army ahead of a disputed constitutional referendum and sent to Costa Rica.


The United Kingdom reports its second death from swine flu.