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Utegate scandal in Australia

The email at the heart of the Utegate scandal in Australia is declared a forgery by Federal Police.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy calls for the burqa to be banned in France.


Conservative MP John Bercow is elected the new Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.


Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai insists the coalition government is tackling the country's dire humanitarian and economic crisis at a talk at Southwark Cathedral in London.

Congress of France

For the first time in 136 years, the Congress of France convenes in the Palace of Versailles to listen to an address by the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.


Officials gather in Madeira to strike a deal on whaling, with Japan and Iceland likely to insist on their right to hunt.

World whaling body expected to see fierce debate between pro- and anti-whaling camps.


Brazilian officials identify the first 11 of 50 bodies recovered from Air France Flight 447.

Silk Route

A plan to create a modern Silk Route of roads and railways linking East Asia with Europe makes its first substantial progress.


A major international conference in Sydney looks at how to expand Internet domain names.

A major international conference in Sydney today will look at how to expand the internet's address system, known as domain names.


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard warns that it will 'crush' any further protests.

Derailment and collision

A subway train derailment and collision on the Red Line of the Washington Metro kills at least nine and injures at least 70.

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