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United States

United States President Barack Obama tells a television news crew his country is "fully prepared" for a possible missile test by North Korea over the Pacific Ocean.

Salvatore Miceli

Salvatore Miceli, an Italian Mafia fugitive on the run since 2001 and listed as one of the country's 30 most dangerous men, is arrested in Venezuela.


An open top sightseeing bus with 40 tourists on board is stoned in Belfast.


At least sixteen people are killed in a factory blast in Fengyang county, Anhui, China.

Taza bombing

The death toll from the Taza bombing rises to 73.

At least 72 people are now known to have died in a bombing in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk yesterday.


Iranian state television claims at least ten people are dead following protests over the recent election.

Iranian opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi urged his supporters to continue their protests over a disputed presidential election.


Seven people, including six amusement park employees, are killed in a French rural helicopter crash.


Self-rule is introduced in Greenland following a 2008 referendum.


The Somali government declares a state of emergency.

Treaty of Lisbon

A new pro-Treaty of Lisbon group led by Pat Cox is launched in Ireland.

The Taoiseach has said a Yes vote on Lisbon would provide Ireland with a better means of dealing with the current economic crisis.


England defeats New Zealand in the 2009 ICC Women's World Twenty20.

England have beaten New Zealand twice in World Cup finals in a span of three months but according to captain Charlotte Edwards, triumph in the Twenty20 World Cup at home was special.


The Pakistan Cricket Team wins the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 world cup after a hard match against Sri Lanka at Lord's Cricket Ground in London, England.


Archaeologists find evidence showing that the manioc plant was a staple food of the Maya.

Corn was the royalty of Maya food crops, celebrated in religion and cosmology, but archaeologists have long suspected that a different crop, the lowly manioc plant, was the mainstay of Maya life,...