the Context

Taza bombing

At least 67 people are killed and over 200 are injured in a suicide attack near Kirkuk in Iraq.


Indian troops enter Lalgarh, a Maoist stronghold in West Bengal, claiming a partial victory.

Security forces enter Lalgarh region of West Bengal under rebel control.

The New York Times

"New York Times" reporter David S. Rohde, kidnapped by the Taliban seven months ago, escapes.


An anti-racism rally is held in Belfast following the removal of 100 Romanian people from their homes.

Two teenagers have been charged in connection with racist attacks on Romanian families in Belfast.

United Kingdom

The bodies of two British hostages in Iraq are discovered.

Two British hostages held in Iraq since 2007 are feared dead after two bodies were discovered in Baghdad, the Foreign Office has disclosed.


Greece's Acropolis Museum in Athens is unveiled.

New Zealand

A New Zealand jury convicts Nai Yin Xue, who sparked an international hunt in 2007, of murdering his wife.

United States

The United States admits its forces failed to follow their own rules in an Afghan airstrike that may have led up to 140 civilian deaths.

The US will order all its troops in Afghanistan to undergo new training after concluding that pilots violated orders in air strikes last month.


A sunken ship believed to carry over US$15 million in gold is located in the Magellan Straits off the coast of Argentina.


Riot police clash with protesters in Tehran.

Tehran: Irans Guardian Council will recount 10 percent of the ballot boxes in last weeks disputed presidential election, the state television reported...