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South Africa

South Africa receives its first case of swine flu via the United States.

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora of rock band Bon Jovi are inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at a ceremony in New York.

In 1660, New France had six male settlers for every female settler. The Filles du Roi were poor women who were brought to North America to fix this imbalance and populate the colony.

Ulster loyalism

Loyalist paramilitary organisations in Northern Ireland begin to decommission their weapons.

The Taoiseach has welcomed reports that loyalist paramilitary organisations have begun to decommission their weapons.


Islamic militants allied to Al-Qaeda launch an attack on a convoy escorting Chinese workers in Mansoura, Algeria, killing 24 policemen.

Insurgents killed 24 Algerian paramilitary police in an ambush on their convoy late today, a local newspaper reported today.


Several Al-Qaeda militants are killed by a Malian army offensive near the Algerian border.

Mali’s army on Tuesday attacked an al-Qaeda base near the Algerian border, killing several militants, security sources said, nearly two weeks after the group said it had killed a British hostage.


A suicide bomber detonated an explosives-laden vehicle at the Medina Hotel in Beledweyne, Somalia, killing 10 people. Among the dead is Omar Hashi Aden, Somalia's Security Minister.

High Court

The High Court rules that Suzanne Breen, an editor of the "Sunday Tribune", need not hand over her notes on the Real IRA to police as it would endanger her life.

A judge in Belfast has ruled that journalist Suzanne Breen does not have to hand over interview notes on the Real IRA to the PSNI.

MPs expenses

The expense claims of British Members of Parliament are published online.


Chancellor Alistair Darling states there is "growing evidence" that government measures have stabilised the British banking system and economy.


Another attack occurs on Romanians in Belfast, on this occasion against a family in the east of the city.


Canada's annual seal hunt ends with lower than expected totals.

The Gambia

Seven Gambian journalists are charged with seditious publication for reprinting a press union statement criticising President Yahya Jammeh.


Iran is accused of altering

Continental Airlines

Continental Flight 61, a Boeing 777 containing 247 passengers flying from Brussels, Belgium, to Newark, New Jersey, United States, lands safely at Newark Liberty International Airport, after the 61-year-old pilot died mid-flight.

Atlas V

An Atlas V rocket launches the LRO and LCROSS spacecraft to explore the Moon.

North Korea

North Korea considers launching a missile towards Hawaii.