the Context

Communist Party of India

The Communist Party kills 16 police officers near Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.


The U.S. develops a framework to provide the United Arab Emirates with nuclear energy.


Israel evicts Jewish settlers from a hilltop in the West Bank.

Israeli police evicted Jewish settlers from a West Bank hilltop on Thursday, a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from Washington, where he was urged to take just such action.


Apa Sherpa summits Mount Everest for the 19th time.

His Majesty's Government

Her Majesty's Government will allow retired Gurkhas who served in the Armed Forces to settle in the United Kingdom.

President of Serbia

A man who entered the President's official residence in Belgrade, Serbia, with at least one hand grenade surrenders.


Egyptian businessman Hisham Talaat Moustafa is convicted of murdering Lebanese pop singer Suzanne Tamim.


Four men are arrested for planning to bomb two synagogues and destroy military aircraft in New York, United States.