the Context


Indonesia's National Police shoot nine demonstrators at a pre-election protest in Nabire, West Papua.


Somali pirates hijack five ships from the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Germany, France, and Yemen.

Gjorge Ivanov

Gjorge Ivanov of VMRO–DPMNE wins Macedonia's presidential election.


Afghanistan's government will review a recently approved version of sharia law that legalizes spousal rape.

Magnitude 7.0

At least 207 people are killed and 1,500 injured during a 6.3-magnitude earthquake near L'Aquila, Italy.


A "significant explosive event" occurs at the Mount Redoubt volcano in Alaska.

Six car bombs

Six car bombs kill at least 34 people and injure 139 others in Baghdad, Iraq.


Convicted murderer Annika Östberg is transferred to Sweden from California's Institution for Women.