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UEFA Euro 2008

UEFA Euro 2008: Russia beat Netherlands 3-1 after extra time, advancing to the semi-finals.

Sudan Airways

Sudan Airways is grounded for a month by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sudan for violations prior to their most recent crash.

International Security Assistance Force

Four ISAF soldiers are killed by a bomb in Afghanistan.

Roadside bombs killed five foreign troops in Afghanistan on Saturday, military officials said, extending a series of daily attacks that have lifted the death toll for foreign forces this year to more than 100.

South Korea

South Korea renegotiates its beef import deal with the United States following widespread protests at the original deal due to concerns over mad cow disease.


The death toll in the Philippines from Typhoon Fengshen rises to at least 20 from flooding and landslides. Ten people drown after the Rifao River overflows its banks and sweeps away three houses in South Upi, Maguindanao.

More than 800 people were missing on Monday after a Philippine ferry capsized in a typhoon that has killed scores and left a trail of destruction across the archipelago.

Delta State

Militants in Delta State, Nigeria, blow up a Chevron oil pipeline leading to a cessation of production by Chevron in Nigeria.

Central African Republic

The Government of the Central African Republic signs a peace deal with two rebel groups which promises amnesty for rebel soldiers.


An employee for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Somalia is kidnapped.


Militants in Pakistan fire mortars on a NATO base and Afghan army base.

A NATO base in Afghanistan and a local army compound were attacked from across the border with Pakistan on Saturday, the force said.


France and Algeria sign an agreement that could lead to French nuclear power technology being employed in Algerian reactors.