the Context

Mexico City

Twelve people are trampled to death trying to escape a police raid in northern Mexico City.


The European Union agrees to lift the sanctions it has imposed on Cuba since the 2003 Cocktail Wars dispute.

The EU has agreed to lift sanctions it imposed on Cuba in 2003.


After white patches uncovered by digging from the Phoenix lander are found to have sublimated by the lander's cameras, NASA believes it has found water ice on Mars.

Suicide bomb

A suicide bomb attack in southern Afganistan kills 6 civilians.


Police in Nepal detain more than 700 Tibetan exiles protesting outside the Chinese embassy and arrest three activists for alleged anti-China activities.


The Franco-American Jason-2 satellite launches, with a mission of furthering the study of physical oceanography.

Yellow shirt

People's Alliance for Democracy marched to the Government House in Bangkok demand that the Prime Minister, Samak Sundaravej step down.


UAE wins the first ever Arab Cup of Ice Hockey by defeating Kuwait 4-1.


At least two people die in a landslide in Cotabato City in Mindanao as Typhoon Fengshen hits the Philippines.


A female Iranian student who accused the vice-chancellor of her university of sexually harassing her was arrested. The charges against her aren't clear. The vice-chancellor was also arrested.