the Context

United Nations

The United Nations Security Council unanimously passes a declaration allowing foreign naval vessels to enter Somali territorial waters to deal with pirates.

United Nations Security Council

The United Nations Security Council goes on a mission to Africa with the first leg of the mission to Djibouti to discuss the Somali Civil War.


The International Atomic Energy Agency will send an inspection team to Syria to investigate claims by the United States that it was secretly building a nuclear reactor.

United States Supreme Court

In "United States v. Santos", by a 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court takes a narrow interpretation of federal laws regarding money laundering, and uses the decision in "Cuellar v. United States" to unanimously overturn the money laundering conviction of Humberto Cuellar.

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against the government in two money laundering cases, making it more difficult for prosecutors to use an important weapon in the war on drugs and organized crime.

Housing crisis

Wachovia, the fourth largest bank in the United States, fires its Chief Executive Officer, G. Kennedy Thompson, due to losses incurred in the subprime mortgage crisis.

Suicide bomber

A suicide bomber strikes outside the Danish embassy in the Pakistani capital Islamabad with at least eight people dead.

Mount John University Observatory

Astronomers using the Mount John University Observatory discover MOA-2007-BLG-192-L b, the smallest known extrasolar planet which does not orbit a pulsar.


A SNCF train runs into a school bus at a level crossing at Mesinges, near the town of Allinges in the mountainous Haute Savoie area of France with at least six people killed.