the Context

World Bank

The World Bank announces a package of emergency measures to tackle the dramatic rise in basic food prices which has led to civil unrest throughout much of the developing world.


Taliban insurgents attack a checkpoint in southern Afghanistan killing 11 police officers.


Passenger trains resume between Dhaka in Bangladesh and the Indian city of Calcutta, after 43 years.


Nabucco Pipeline: Turkmenistan agrees to supply 10 billion cubic metres of natural gas to the European Union per annum, to reduce the bloc's dependence on gas from Russia.

Silvio Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi is re-elected for the third time as the Prime Minister of Italy.

United States

The United States begins occupying its new US$736 million embassy in Iraq, one of the largest embassies in the world. Presently under construction, it is approximately as large as the Vatican City and will permanently employ thousands of Americans, including a Marine detachment.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines reaches an agreement with Northwest Airlines to take over Northwest and create the world's biggest airline.

Nevado del Huila

The Nevado del Huila volcano erupts in Colombia, causing thousands to evacuate.