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Thousands of pro-China demonstrators gathered in front of the Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa to show their support for the Chinese government and 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Australian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd announces that current Governor of Queensland Quentin Bryce will become Australia's next Governor-General. Ms Bryce will be the first woman appointed to the role.

Prime Minister

Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Hajredin Kuçi announces that the newly independent country plans to open 20 embassies abroad.

Robert Zoellick

Robert Zoellick, the president of the World Bank, calls for immediate action to tackle rising food prices which have caused rioting in several countries.

Trevor Immelman

Trevor Immelman of South Africa wins the 2008 Masters Tournament.

Trevor Immelman has become the first South African to win the US Masters in 30 years.