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An official reports that last week a flight crew prevented an apparent attempt to crash a Chinese jetliner.


An Argentine train headed for Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires slams into a bus at a rural rail crossing near Dolores, killing 26 people and leaving at least 60 others injured.

Ariane 5

An Ariane 5 rocket launches the first Automated Transfer Vehicle, "Jules Verne", from the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana. The spaceship will rendezvous with and provide supplies to the International Space Station on March 29.

ESA PR 15-2008. Jules Verne, the first of ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATVs), a new series of autonomous spaceships designed to resupply and reboost the International Space Station (ISS), was successfully launched into low Earth orbit by an Ariane 5 vehicle this morning.

Spanish Socialist Workers' Party

The Socialist Workers' Party wins the Spanish general election, with the People's Party conceding defeat.


French voters go to the polls for the municipal elections.


Venezuela announces that it will reopen its embassy in Colombia and welcome back Colombian diplomats expelled during the regional diplomatic crisis.


Kosovar Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi unveils a "Welcome to the Republic of Kosovo" sign (in Albanian, Serbian, and English) at the border with Serbia.


Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt says that Kosovo may become a European Union member state even if it is not a member of the United Nations.