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United States

The United States and Iraq commence talks about the future of relationships between the two nations including a longer term US military presence in Iraq.


Malaysians go to the polls for the Malaysian general election, 2008. The Barisan National secures another term in government, but suffers its worst performance since the country's independence in 1957.


Vietnam bans ownership of pet hamsters.


Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica resigns, dissolving a coalition too divided over the loss of Kosovo to carry on governing.


Police in Memphis, Tennessee make an arrest in connection with the killing of four adults and two children.


Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt becomes the first foreign minister to visit Kosovo since the country declared its independence.


United States presidential election, 2008: Illinois Senator Barack Obama wins the Wyoming Democratic caucus.

Senator Barack Obama beat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton by a wide margin, continuing his string of victories in caucus states.