the Context


Pakistan's Election Commission announces the completed results of parliamentary election.


The President of Venezuela Hugo Chávez calls for a cooling of tensions with Colombia at a summit of the Rio Group presidents in the Dominican Republic. The Rio Group later approves a declaration aimed at reducing tensions between, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia.

United States Department of Labor

A United States Department of Labor report shows that the United States economy lost 63,000 jobs in February.


Colombia confirms the killing of FARC leader Iván Ríos by his chief of security.

Olympic Games

Former Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones reports to a Texas jail to begin a six-month sentence for perjury regarding past steroid use.


In Germany the former Stasi informant Holm Singer won an interim injunction to prevent an exhibition from including his name and clandestine activities.

A former East German Stasi informant who betrayed local church officials has won a court battle to prevent an exhibition on the notorious secret police from including his name and clandestine activities.


Eight people are killed in separate attacks in central and western Kenya.

Václav Klaus

Václav Klaus is sworn in for another term as the President of the Czech Republic.