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Philippine authorities arrest three people accused of plotting terrorist attacks on foreign embassies in Manila.

A bomb causes minor damage

A bomb causes minor damage to the door of a U.S. military recruiting center in Times Square, New York City.

Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's butler, refuses to be questioned about whether he lied to the inquest into her death in 1997.

Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout, one of the world’s most notorious arms dealers, is arrested at a hotel in Thailand.

One of the world’s most notorious arms dealers was arrested in Thailand and charged in the U.S. with conspiracy to supply weapons to rebels in Colombia.


At least 54 people die and 130 are injured as two bombs explode in Baghdad, Iraq.

A shooting attack

At least eight people, including four children, are killed and dozens wounded in a shooting attack on the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem.

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United States

The United States Senate passes legislation providing for more rigorous inspection of toys and other playthings imported into the United States.


The discovery of the Rings of the Saturnian moon Rhea, the first known rings around a moon, is announced.