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The United States Senate passes a package of measures recommended by the 9-11 Commission.

Congress moves one step closer to fulfilling its first pledge of the 2006 election, passing homeland security provisions that include cargo screening and radiation monitoring equipment.

The United States Food and Drug Administration suspends a gene therapy study and reviews 28 others after the death of a patient.

Two people are killed and four injured in an explosion at the Mojave Airport in California.

Two people were killed and four others seriously injured on Thursday in an explosion at an airport in the California desert, news reports said.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average falls more than 300 points due to concerns about weaknesses in the United States housing market and weak profit results.

NASA confirms that it discovered the apparent sabotage of a non-critical component of the International Space Station due to be carried up by the Space Shuttle Endeavour on August 7.

A car bomb in Baghdad kills at least 25 Iraqis and injures at least 50 more.

A powerful car bomb has rocked central Baghdad, killing at least 25 bystanders, wounding more than 75 and destroying a row of shops in a busy commercial district.

Mohammad Dahlan resigns as National Security Adviser to the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas due to his role in the recent defeat of Fatah in the Gaza Strip.

Muhammad Dahlan resigned today from his post as national security adviser to Mahmoud Abbas.

United States District Court judge Nancy Gertner orders the United States Government to pay $101.5 million in compensation to four men for wrongful convictions when the Federal Bureau of Investigation withheld exculpatory evidence.

A federal judge ordered the government to pay $101 million to two men and the families of two others wrongfully convicted of a 1965 murder in order to protect an FBI informant.

Israeli troops and airstrike kill four militants in an incursion into the Gaza Strip including three members of Islamic Jihad and one Hamas member.

Former Bangladesh Telecommunication Minister Aminul Huq is sentenced to 31 years in jail for his role in aiding Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh with terrorist bomb attacks in the country.

An explosion at an ordnance depot in Aleppo, Syria kills at least 15 people and injures 50 others.

Effects of the 2007 European heat wave worsen with new forest fires being reported.

A magnitude 7 earthquake in the Maluku Sea off the coast of Indonesia triggers a tsunami warning for North Maluku in Indonesia which is later cancelled.

War in Afghanistan: United States-led troops kill more than 50 insurgents in the Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Summer 2007 United Kingdom floods: Flood water levels in the River Thames is expected to rise further as England expects more heavy rain. Two people die in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire trying to pump water out of a club.

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North Korea walks out of talks with South Korea over the failure to resolve a sea border.

North Korean officials stormed out of talks with their South Korean counterparts on Thursday over a disagreement over their shared sea border.