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Press censorship

"Press censorship:" A Spanish judge orders the confiscation of an edition of the Spanish satirical magazine "El Jueves" for its depiction of the heir apparent Crown Prince Felipe and his wife in a cartoon.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", the seventh and final volume of the Harry Potter series, is released worldwide.


Two Rwandan men wanted for their role in the 1994 genocide are arrested in France.


The Taliban threatens to kill 18 South Koreans taken hostage in Afghanistan, prompting the government in Seoul to confirm an earlier plan to withdraw its troops from the country by the end of the year. Separately, the Taliban claims that it has executed two German hostages.

Afghan Taliban rebels killed the second of two German hostages on Saturday after the end of their deadline for Germany to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and the Afghan government to free all Taliban prisoners.

Pratibha Patil

Pratibha Patil wins the 13th presidential election in India to become the first female President of India.


Somali pirates demand $1.5 million in ransom for the release of a Danish freighter and its crew.

Pirates holding a Danish freighter off the Somali coast are demanding a $US1.5 million ($1.7 million) ransom for the release of the ship and its crew, according to a Kenyan maritime official.

United Nations

The United Nations suspends a Moroccan peacekeeping contingent in the Cte d'Ivoire following allegations of widespread sexual abuse.

United States

United States forces attack an insurgent position in Hussainiya a Shiite suburb north of Baghdad, inflicting casualties.

The deaths occurred during an American attack on a Shiite area on the outskirts of northern Baghdad late Friday and early Saturday.


NASA mission scientists raise concerns that ongoing prolonged Martian dust storms could disable the Mars Exploration Rovers.


The death toll of recent floods in China rises to 40.


In the UK, the Royal Air Force has one of its busiest weekends in peacetime rescuing hundreds of people from flooding after days of heavy rain lead to widespread flooding.


Italian police arrest three Moroccans and accuse them of running a small "terror school" in a small mosque near Perugia.


A radar failure disrupts international air travel to Brazil causing disruption to thousands of travellers.

Radar Failure Causes Sao Paolo To Ground International Flights

Alan Webb

Alan Webb breaks the 25-year-old American Record in the mile run with a 3:46.91.