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Brazil national football team

Brazil defeats Argentina 3-0 in the 2007 Copa América final.


Pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan's North Waziristan region say they have ended their truce with the government.


Australia extradites Antun Gudelj to Croatia for the 1991 murder of Josip Reihl-Kir, the police chief of Osijek and two associates - this event fueled tensions during the Croatian War of Independence.

Australia has extradited to Croatia a man convicted for the murder of a senior police officer, an event that helped fuel the 1991-1995 Serbo-Croatian war, a local television station reported.

Gert van der Heijden

Two scientists Gert van der Heijden and Eugene Starostin claim that they have solved a 75-year-old problem related to developable surfaces and the Möbius strip.

Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres is sworn in as the President of Israel.


A Somali peace conference in Mogadishu gets off to a bad start as it is disrupted by mortar shells.

Somalia's much-delayed peace conference has gotten off to a rocky start with seven mortar shells exploding near the Mogadishu venue.


A law legalising abortion in the first ten weeks of pregnancy comes into effect in Portugal.


Sudan and a breakaway faction of the Justice and Equality Movement of Darfur sign a peace treaty.