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A Chilean court rejects the extradition of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori.


The People's Republic of China bans diethylene glycol as an ingredient in toothpaste.

China has banned the use in toothpaste of a chemical linked to the recall of Chinese made products across the globe as it tries to reassure consumers its good are safe.


The Supreme Court of Libya upholds the death penalty for the six Bulgarian medics and one Palestinian doctor accused of infecting children with HIV.


14 Philippines Marines are killed by insurgents in fighting.


Indonesia evacuates thousands of people living near Mount Gamkonora as it appears likely to explode.

An official in Indonesia says Mount Gamkonora, in the east of the country, has started spitting out flaming rocks and sending showers of sparks into the air, indicating the volcano is likely to erupt.

21 July 2005 London bombings

Four people who carried out failed suicide bombings in London are jailed for life, with no chance of release for at least 40 years. In passing the sentence, the judge ruled that the plot was "part of an al-Qaida inspired and controlled sequence of attacks", although the British government has always claimed the attacks were "home grown", and not connected to al-Qaida.

Pakistan Army

The Pakistan Army claims that Operation Silence at the Lal Masjid is in its final stages and that 95% of the complex is under its control. It has found the bodies of 73 militants.

British Museum

The British Museum states that the Nebo-Sarsekim Tablet, a clay tablet dating from 695 BC, contains a cuneiform inscription confirming the existence of a figure mentioned in the Old Testament.

South Dakota

South Dakota executes Elijah Page for murder, the first execution in the state in 60 years.

South Dakota carried out its first execution in 60 years on Wednesday, putting to death a 25-year-old inmate convicted of torturing and killing a 19-year-old man following a robbery.

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed the destruction of the entire chemical weapons stockpile in Albania.