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Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle "Atlantis" is launched with a crew of seven on an assembly mission to the International Space Station on mission STS-117.

New South Wales

New South Wales in Australia is battered with severe storms, killing at least nine people and causing major flooding in Newcastle, the Hunter region, and the Central Coast. The coal freighter "Pasha Bulker" is forced to run aground on Nobby's Beach, a major Newcastle beach.


At least 14 people are killed in two bomb explosions in Qurna near Basra in Iraq.


Chinese police rescue 31 workers kept as slaves at a brickworks in Linfen, in Shanxi province, run by the son of a local official of the Communist Party of China.

Council of Europe

The Council of Europe publishes a report claiming to prove that member states Romania and Poland conspired with the American CIA to kidnap and torture suspected terrorists.