the Context

The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that 40% of the world population will be affected by the loss of glaciers and snow on the mountains of Asia due to global warming.

A massive mudflow destroys Eurasia's unique Geyser Valley.

The United States government arrests ten people, including former Laotian Army general Vang Pao, on charges of organizing a plot to overthrow the Laotian government.

The government of Nigeria sues pharmaceutical company Pfizer for $6.95-billion in damages.

The Palestinian government agrees on the terms of a cease-fire proposal for Israel.

Fresh clashes break out between protesters and police in Rostock, Germany prior to the 33rd G8 summit.

Cyclone Gonu forces the Government of Oman to evacuate 7,000 people from Masirah Island, off the east coast of Oman.

A military judge dismisses terrorism-related charges against a Canadian Guantanamo Bay detainee charged with killing a United States Army soldier in Afghanistan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announces that Russia may consider targeting new sites across Europe with nuclear weapons if part of the United States' nuclear capability is introduced into Europe.

China publishes its first National Action Plan on Climate Change, expected to cut national carbon emissions by up to 1.5 million metric tons annually by 2010.

Two Red Cross aid workers are found dead after being detained for questioning by unknown men claiming to be police.

The war crimes trial of former President of Liberia Charles G. Taylor at the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone begins at The Hague.

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games unveils the official logo for the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Paralympics, to be held in London, England.