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Hong Kong

Hong Kong celebrates the tenth anniversary of the handover from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China.

East Timor

East Timorese voters go to the polls to elect a new Parliament of East Timor.

Papua New Guinea

Voters in Papua New Guinea go to the polls to elect a new Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

Almost four million Papua New Guineans have begun voting this morning in a national poll.

United States

United States troops kill 26 militants in an attack on Sadr City in Baghdad.


Archbishop Pius Ncube, head of the Catholic church in Zimbabwe, calls on the British government to invade Zimbabwe and overthrow President Robert Mugabe.

2007 attack

A car on fire crashes into the main terminal building of Glasgow Airport. Two people are arrested at the scene by police, with one man reportedly on fire as he is being arrested. The airport closes, with all plane flights cancelled and the airport evacuated. COBRA conducts an emergency meeting, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown makes a statement afterward in which he thanks emergency services after today's attack and the London car bombs plot yesterday. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announces that the national security threat level is elevated from "severe" to "critical"—the highest possible, meaning "further attacks are imminent"—and everyone should be on "high alert."