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President of Turkey

The President of Turkey, Ahmet Necdet Sezer, vetoes a bill bringing forward a referendum of the direct election of the president.


Floods kill four people in north Texas.

Residents emerged from their homes in a flood-stricken north Texas town on Monday as waters that killed a 4-year-old girl and at least one other person began to recede throughout the soaked region.

European Union

The European Union and United States restore foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.


Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar issues an ultimatum to the Palestinian Army of Islam to free kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston or face military action.

Sexual relations

A global internet pedophilia ring with over 700 suspects worldwide is smashed by UK police; 31 children are rescued.


Two former Croatian generals, Mirko Norac and Rahim Ademi, go on trial in Zagreb, charged for alleged atrocities against Serb civilians in 1993.


Rwanda and Burundi join the East African Community in a meeting in Kampala, Uganda.


Mongolian authorities confirm a helicopter crash that claimed 14 lives last Wednesday.


As many as 36 people are killed south of Baghdad in fighting between Shiite militiamen and British forces doing door-to-door searches.


Parts of Melbourne, Australia are in lockdown after a gunman shoots three people in the CBD, sparking a massive manhunt throughout the city.


New negotiations begin between Morocco and the Polisario.