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Facebook removes several "InfoWars"-related pages from its platform, for what it describes as glorification of violence and dehumanizing language. YouTube deletes Alex Jones's main account for repeated Terms of Service violations. Apple and Spotify pull Jones's podcasts. Editor Paul Joseph Watson calls Facebook's move "political censorship" on Twitter.

Facebook and other tech giants have been under growing pressure to crack down on the spread of misinformation across their platforms.

Second Ivorian Civil War

The government of Ivory Coast grants amnesty to former First Lady Simone Gbagbo a week after the Supreme Court of Ivory Coast suprême (Côte d'Ivoire) overturned her acquittal for crimes against humanity.

Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara on Monday announced amnesties for around 800 people, including former first lady Simone Gbagbo who is currently behind bars, in the name of national reconciliation.

Caracas drone explosions

The Colombian Civil Aviation Authority announces a ban on drones within a 2 nautical mile radius and altitude of Plaza Bolívar, Bogotá during the Presidential Inauguration of Iván Duque the following afternoon.

Caracas drone explosions

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro skips a rally in Caracas following weekend drone blasts that he called an assassination attempt, surprising and confusing some supporters in attendance.

Venezuelan government sympathizers on Monday rallied to show support for President Nicolas Maduro following weekend drone blasts that he called an assassination attempt, but the socialist leader surprised the crowd by skipping the event.

Tajikistan–Uzbekistan relations

Commercial flights have resumed between the Tajikistan capital, Dushanbe, and the Uzbekistan city of Bukhara amid improving ties.

Commercial flights have resumed between the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, and the Uzbek city of Bukhara amid improving ties between the two Central Asian neighbors.

Foreign relations of Brazil

Brazil closes its international border with Venezuela, following a similar move enacted but then rescinded by Colombia earlier in 2018, as a response to an increase in Venezuelans fleeing their country to neighbouring states.

Judge says entry of immigrants suspended until conditions for ‘humanitarian reception’ are created – activists called it ‘absurd’

Iran–United States relations

The European Union announces that its blocking statute against the US sanctions will take effect tomorrow, protecting European companies from US sanctions and encouraging them to keep trading with Iran.

America has dismissed the European Union’s attempt to minimise the impact of its Iran sanctions as the first phase of penalties kicked in three months after Donald Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

Iran–United States relations

The United States reimposes sanctions on Iran after the US pulled out of the international agreement three months prior.

The Trump administration expects economic sanctions that it is re-imposing on Iran this week to further cripple the Iranian economy and will aggressively enforce the measures, senior U.S. administration officials said on Monday.

Mendocino Complex Fire

The Mendocino Complex Fire grows into the largest active wildfire in California history.

The Mendocino Complex Fire has surpassed state records, as firefighters tackle 16 major blazes.


Twelve migrant workers die and three others are injured when a truck collides with a van in Foggia, Italy.

Carabinieri police said Monday that 12 people are dead and three are injured after a road accident on a state highway in the area of Lesina, in the southern province of Foggia. © ANSA

A14 motorway

A fuel tanker explodes on the A14 motorway after colliding with a lorry near Bologna Airport in Italy, causing a section of the motorway to collapse. A person dies and 145 others are injured, at least 14 seriously.

The Bologna health authority said Tuesday that 145 people were injured in Monday's fatal accident on a highway in the city. © ANSA


Landslides triggered by floods in Nepal kill nine people.

2018 European heat wave

A heat wave in Genoa, Italy, kills seven people.

2018 European heat wave

A heat wave in Spain kills nine people.