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Voyager program

Voyager 1 successfully fires backup maneuvering thrusters, that had previously remained inactive for 37 years. Those thruster firings are to keep the spacecraft's antenna pointed at Earth, which is vital to maintain communications.

This week, the scientists and engineers on the Voyager team did something very special.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

The United States Senate passes the Republican tax reform bill with a 51–49 vote.

United States and the United Nations

The Trump administrations withdraws the United States from the Global Compact on Migration of the United Nations.

Saudi Arabian–led intervention in Yemen

The former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh suggests that he is open to talking to the Saudi-led coalition that his forces have been fighting for years.

Ali Abdullah Saleh says he may "turn the page" if coalition forces lift a blockade and stop attacks.

Bangladesh–Holy See relations

Pope Francis ends his six-day trip to Myanmar and Bangladesh by visiting the Rohingya refugees in Dhaka.

2017 North Indian Ocean cyclone season

Cyclone Ockhi hits southern India causing 13 deaths in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The cyclone kills 15 people and displaces another 200,000 persons in Sri Lanka.

Cyclone Ockhi, which claimed 13 lives in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, has now moved beyond Lakshadweep, the weather department said bringing huge relief to the people of the rain-battered states. However, many fishermen are still missing and warships have been deployed to comb the southeastern coast for fishing boats missing in wild seas.


Heavy rainfall causes flooding in southern Albania. At least one person has died and 3,000 houses have been flooded.

Authorities in Albania say that non-stop rain has caused riverbanks to burst in the south of the country, flooding many areas and prompting the evacuation of residents.

ABC News

ABC News suspends journalist Brian Ross for four weeks without pay as a consequence for an erroneous report on Michael Flynn.

ABC News suspended reporter Brian Ross for the Michael Flynn reporting error that sparked a frenzy.

Israeli involvement in the Syrian Civil War

Israel launches surface-to-surface missiles at a military installation outside the Syrian capital Damascus overnight, Syrian state TV reports.

Syria says Israel attacked an army position outside Damascus and two missiles were destroyed.