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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple announces iOS 11 in WWDC 2017.

Moons of Jupiter

Another satellite of Jupiter is announced, S-2017 J 1, just 3 days after the announcement of S-2016 J 1.

Indian Space Research Organisation

Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launches communications satellite GSAT-19 through its heaviest rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III.

Indian Space Research Organisation on Monday successfully launched its most powerful rocket, GSLV Mk III nicknamed ‘Fatboy’, by firing a high thrust indigenous cryogenic engine in the first developmental flight and placed the country’s heaviest satellite in orbit.

Plan to leave

The "chargé d'affaires" of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China, resigns following President Donald Trump's announcement he will withdraw the United States from the 2015 international Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation.

2016–17 Turkish purges

The Turkish interior ministry announces that 130 people, living outside the country and suspected of militant links, will lose their citizenship unless they return to Turkey within three months and meet government standards. Named suspects include U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gülen, and Peoples' Democratic Party leaders Faysal Sariyildiz, Tuğba Hezer, and Özdal Üçer.

Russia's interference in the 2016 United States election

After "The Intercept" publishes a classified NSA document describing Russian efforts to launch cyberattacks on U.S. voting software suppliers, the United States Department of Justice announces it had brought charges upon Reality Winner, the alleged leaker.

A U.S. intelligence contractor has been charged with leaking to a news organization classified National Security Agency material about Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election, the Justice Department and officials said.

Montenegro–NATO relations

Montenegro officially joins NATO as its 29th member at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

2017 Qatar diplomatic crisis

Iran, Turkey, and the United States call for the sides to peacefully resolve their differences.

2017 Qatar diplomatic crisis

Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the internationally recognized government of Yemen sever diplomatic ties with Qatar, ordering Qatari citizens in those countries to be expelled as well as cutting all land, air and sea connections. "National security," "media incitement" and Qatar's support of Iran are variously cited.

Saudi Arabia said the move was necessary to protect the kingdom from what it described as extremism, reasoning that was echoed by Bahrain

Australia–China relations

Reports emerge of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation's discovery of classified Australian documents, related to Chinese intelligence activity abroad, in the Canberra home of a woman allegedly acting on behalf of the Communist Party of China.

ASIO found classified files during a raid on the apartment of a suspected Chinese intelligence operative.

2017 disasters in China

Eight people are killed in an explosion at a petrochemical plant in Shandong, China.

2017 Brighton siege

In Brighton, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, a gunman kills one man and holds one woman hostage before he is shot dead by Victoria Police. The incident is being treated as an act of terrorism. Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant has claimed responsibility for the attack but Victoria Police claim that there is little evidence to suggest a connection.

Police say they are treating yesterday's shooting and hostage situation in Melbourne, which left two people dead, including the gunman, as terrorism. Yacqub Khayre (pictured) was shot dead after a stand-off with armed officers.

Shoots and kills five people

A discharged 45-year-old former employee shoots and kills five people at a manufacturing business in Orlando, Florida, United States. The shooter took his own life afterwards. Eight others inside the workplace survived.