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1 PM utc, 2017-10-17

The Syrian Democratic Forces announce the end of the battle for ISIL's de-facto capital.

After four-month battle, Syrian Democratic Forces say Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant fighters are defeated.


The Post-Truth and the Context

Most of the daily information we see on the mainstream media today is the news equivalent of fast-food.


The Maltese blogger and journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, whose corruption allegations against prime minister Joseph Muscat led him to call early elections, is killed by a car bomb near her home.

Updated 6.40pm Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed this afternoon in a car blast that left her vehicle in several pieces in Bidnija. The powerful explosion on Triq il-Bidnija was reported to police shortly after 3pm. It is not yet clear what caused the explosion, which sources said was...

Somalis reacted to a devastating bomb attack on Saturday by marching to demonstrate their anger at the presence of al-Shabaab.

Somalis reacted to a devastating bomb attack on Saturday by marching and donating blood.

Iraqi government forces have captured key installations outside the disputed city of Kirkuk from Kurdish fighters.

Iraqi forces move on Kurdish-controlled areas, weeks after the region voted to secede from Iraq.

Filipino ISIL leaders Isnilon Hapilon and Omar Maute are reportedly killed during the siege of Marawi.

Omar Maute and Isnilon Hapilon, top leaders of Islamic State-inspired extremists Maute group, were killed in a military assault early Monday, an official said.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) destroys a Syrian S-200 anti-aircraft battery near Damascus after it fired on its aircraft patrolling in Lebanese air space on a reconnaissance mission.

Schools and hospitals are closed in Ireland and Northern Ireland as the extratropical cyclone Ophelia is forecasted to make landfall on the island.

Ireland closed schools and hospitals on Monday and warned people to stay indoors as tropical storm Ophelia threatened to lash the country with the worst weather in 50 years.

Russian president Vladimir Putin signs decree to implement UNSC sanctions on North Korea.

The decree refers to the resolution adopted on November 30, 2016, as a response to Pyongyang's missile and nuclear tests

Scientists announce that the LIGO and VIRGO gravitational wave observatories detected for the first time gravitational waves from the merger of two neutron stars. The event coincided with a short gamma ray burst GRB 170817A detected by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, leading to SSS17a, the immediate follow-up observations by the Hubble space telescope and numerous ground-based telescopes. This confirms the theory according to which neutron star mergers are the cause of at least some short gamma-ray bursts.

And thousands of astronomers found the aftermath of the merger in the sky

Researchers discover a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol, leaving devices running Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Linux and OpenBSD operating systems vulnerable to attack over wireless connections.

KRACK attack allows other nasties, including connection hijacking and malicious injection.


Iraqi forces advance into Kurdish-held territory around the city of Kirkuk. Clashes have been reported in the surrounding cities.

Iraqi forces began moving at midnight on Sunday toward oil fields and an important air base held by Kurdish forces near the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, Iraqi and Kurdish officials said.

Voters in Kyrgyzstan go to the polls to elect a new president, with current president Almazbek Atambayev constitutionally barred from seeking a second term in office.

For the first time, an elected president is due to peacefully hand over power.

Voters in Austria go to the polls to elect a new National Council.

Voting is underway in Austria’s parliamentary election. Embattled Chancellor Christian Kern looks set to lose to the Conservative Peoples Party led by 31 year-old

Voters in Venezuela go to the polls to elect new state governors, resulting in the incumbent socialist party winning the majority of the governorships, a result disputed by the opposition.